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Getting Your Houseplant Set Up


  • #1 rule for your pots, especially if you're still mastering the basics, is to have a drainage hole!

  • Many nursery pots (the plastic pots plants typically come in from the store) already have drainage holes, and there's nothing wrong with keeping your plant in that pot, especially as you're still learning! You can put the plant in its nursery pot in a larger clay/ceramic pot if you want it to be more aesthetically pleasing :)

  • If you're ready to repot from the nursery pot, I highly recommend terracotta (the brown clay pots). The terracotta clay will absorb out some of the water you add so it's like a small root-rot prevention. Most terracotta pots already have drainage holes, and they are usually easy to find and less expensive.


  • #1 rule is for the soil to have drainage for your plant. Drainage is material in the soil that helps create flow and aeration for water to pass through and the roots to breathe and grow.

  • I usually add perlite (the tiny white bead things) to the soil I use to repot my plants.

  • Succulents should ABSOLUTELY be potted in soil with lots of drainage!


I'm not big on a lot of planty tools/extras you have to buy. They can be helpful but if you learn how to listen to your plants, you often don't need them.

  • Moisture meters: Can be inaccurate, but many people have success with them! Recommend if you're really struggling with knowing when to water your plants.

  • Clippers: I do enjoy using plant clippers as opposed to just scissors to prune my plants. Their pointed blades make it easier to clip really close to where I want.

  • Pot plates: These can be helpful for preventing buildup of moisture on your window sill!

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