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Eras + Seasons in Content Creation as a Low Energy Entrepreneur

As someone relearning + rebuilding how I complete tasks & create stuff in ways that aren’t driven by perfectionism, I love working in the context of *seasons.* Having evolving seasons of life, work, creativity, energy, and business.

Seasons change.⁣ Seasons come & go.⁣ Seasons are naturally different from each other. And “season” could mean a literal season of the year, or a month, or a week, or an ongoing period of time. It’s what you *currently* need and have capacity for.

The timeframe of *seasons* offers flexibility + compassion in what you do and how it gets done. Seasons acknowledge the fluctuating experience of being a human whose energy & health shift. Of being a creative person coming up with ideas and needing time away from work.

Your projects, creative processes, + ways you get stuff done can exist in seasons. In periods of your life. They can exist, then be done. They can be relevant, then not anymore. They can be your truth, then be time to do something new.

You do not have to make decisions or changes that last the rest of your life. You do not have to stick to rules, systems, or routines that don’t feel supportive anymore. You do not have to have the whole year figured out right now.

As a human and a creative entrepreneur deconstructing my perfectionism, this approach has helped me SO MUCH in feeling okay to take small steps forward, to not have all the answers right now, and to allow for things to change as they need to.

Changing your mind, stopping something, switching it up down the road does not mean you failed or didn’t try hard enough or were lazy, etc. The era ended. The season shifted. What you needed and had availability for changed. How human of you.

Winter can just be winter. Spring can just be spring, which then turns into summer.

This season can just be for this season. The era of trying to make decisions for the rest of your life or do the same thing forever can be over if you’re ready for it to be

💚 What’s going on for you in this current season of your life?⁣

💚 What feels like too much or too far away for this current season?⁣

💚 What would feel really nourishing and gentle for you this season?⁣

Your answers get to change as you change and life changes ✌️

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