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Do You Also Feel These Big Feels in Business?

Let me know if you’ve also experienced any of this…

  • Shame that you aren’t showing up “consistently” online or in your business

  • Guilt that it’s taking so long for your business to get off the ground

  • Overwhelm with the amount of apps, tasks & systems that are involved in running a business and being online

  • Exasperation with the advice you see over and over again from online business coaches and consultants to be consistent and keeping showing up

  • Burnout or even trauma from a previous job that is still very much with you in your next career

  • Insecurity around talking about your business to people you know IRL

  • Emotional depletion from where our world is at and then still having to launch, sell, and work to pay your bills

  • Sadness around your creative outlets and interests if they aren’t contributing to your business OR

  • Falling out of love with your creative outlets if you have monetized them and now you resent them a lot because they’re wrapped up in a frustrating business

If you take nothing else away from me, my page, my content — please remember this:

It is not your fault.

None of these experiences are an accident.

You are not the only navigating all this.

The economic, political, and social systems in place in our world create these experiences.

Perfectionism is a tool of capitalism and is used to instill shame and guilt within ourselves, our sense of self worth, and our self talk to keep us in these loops of working, grinding, performing, achieving, stretching ourselves.

It is not your fault or a failing if you can’t be consistent.

It is not your fault or a failing if you are burned out (in fact, that means your nervous system is responding to the overwhelm and wanting you to slow down).

It is not your fault or a failing if it’s taking a long time for your business to grow.

I can tie it all back to capitalism, perfectionism, and hustle culture, which impact all of us — especially if you are a low energy entrepreneur, and even more depending on the intersections of your lived experience and identities.

Meg & I will never make grandiose promises of 6 figures in 6 seconds using our 63 step framework. That’s not what we’re doing here. You are so much more than what you accomplish and get done. You deserve a business that feels supportive for all of the parts of you.

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