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Did You Also Burnout from Trying to Post Consistently on Every Social Media Platform?

In the world of entrepreneurship & content creation, we get pushed to show up on as many different apps as we can. Like the expectation is you’re on every app (IG, TikTok, facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Clubhouse, Pinterest).

1) That’s not always sustainable.

2) It’s normal to have 1 or 2 of those apps feel more like “home” to you. And it’s okay if you don’t like all the apps.

3) Bottom line, you should feel in control of which apps you use & how you use them 💚

If someone is showing up “consistently” on all the appz...they most likely have other people supporting them.

Like me—I outsourced my entire Pinterest page to Meg.

🔮I could see the future and the future of me trying to manage my Pinterest, on top of IG & TikTok, was filled with expletives, screaming, and giving up.

I share that with you for transparency.

I share that with you to validate that you don’t have to like all the apps.

I share that with you to remind you that if you are working on your business/platform yourself, and also don’t have the means to outsource stuff, and you feel overwhelmed by all the apps....

That’s not you failing.

That’s the system expecting way too much perfection and achievement from one human.

Or not being honest about the true labor and time and energy required to use all these apps.

It’s okay to not like an app and therefore not want to use it.

👀👀 Does showing up across multiple apps increase the number of potential eyeballs on your content? Sure.

Does a low energy human taking on all the apps because that’s what online marketing “experts” tell us to do without being transparent about the size of the team supporting them so you think you have to do it all and if you don’t you’re a failure increase the likelihood you’ll lose your mind & throw your phone into a ditch? Also sure.

There’s no one right way to use social media.

There’s a lot of wrong ways.

But there’s no one right way.

And the right way for you will look different than the right way for me.

Cut yourself some slack.

Remember the power of flux AKA, you don’t have to do something the same way each time for it to be valid.

Remember you deserve to not lose your mind over social media and constantly want to throw your phone into the ocean. 🌊

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