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A Letter for When You Get Very Little Done + Don't Post on Social Media (I wrote this for me + you)

Dear Kendall (+ reader),⁣

You’re tired.⁣

It is okay to be tired.⁣

You haven’t failed for being tired.⁣

You’re here.⁣

You’re alive.⁣

You exist and that’s enough.⁣

I see you in all your feelings. You feel a lot of feelings. That is so freaking powerful and special, and helps you hold so much compassion and understanding for others. And I see how tired it can make you.⁣

Remember we aren’t lazy.⁣

We’re overworked.⁣

We’re sad.⁣

We’re mad.⁣

We’re in flux.⁣

Remember you don’t have to create just for social media. You can write, type, draw, or film just for you and your heart. You are not a machine, churning out content. You’re a human. Sometimes you can share your humanity. And sometimes it’s just for you. And that’s enough, too.⁣

You’re enough for you. ⁣

Remember you deserve food, rest, joy, laughter, and treats no matter how much “stuff” got done.⁣

Remember that resting and pausing can be as helpful and informative for your audience as posting can be.⁣

Remember we’re trying to do things differently to have a different life, a different relationship to work, to our body, to our mind.⁣

If continually beating yourself up for not doing enough was a good strategy, wouldn’t it have “worked” by now?⁣

Why don’t we find out if making food, sleep, rest, joy, and fun⁣ our staples helps us want to create more over the long run instead of being so harsh and judgmental of ourselves? ⁣

Take some deep breaths. Visualize the air filling your lungs as kindness towards yourself. Inhale. Breathe in that kindness and compassion.⁣

Let it overflow in your chest and travel around your body, saying thank you and you’re enough to every little piece of you.⁣

Fill yourself up with as much self-compassion as you can⁣

and then hold it for just a moment at the top.⁣

Self compassion is always accessible to you.⁣

Breathe it in.⁣

More can come.⁣

It’s not going away.⁣

Slowly exhale.⁣

Visualize the air leaving & the negative thoughts and self-judgment dissipating back into the air around you.⁣

Repeat as needed.⁣

It’s okay if you only can do this once or if you need lots of cycles to flush out the tension, the criticism, the shame.⁣

You are worth the reset.⁣

I promise.

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