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8 Steps to Success with Houseplants

1. Choose window and evaluate:

  • Window direction (North, South, East, West)

  • Access to the sky/sun for plant

  • Any blockages (like trees)

2. Decide kind of plant you want, using window evaluation

to help you.

  • Good starting place: Choosing between foliage plant or a succulent plant.

    • Succulents will require brighter light windows (western and southern, typically).


Good places to check are grocery stores, local plant shops or nurseries, or if you already have some plants and want to trade, looking online for plant trading!

4. Get a pot WITH A HOLE for drainage for your plant, and ideally also a little plate for it to sit on (unless you're hanging it). The plates help prevent moisture buildup and then mold on your shelves/window sill.

5. When repotting your plant, use soil that has good drainage.

There are soils that are marked for indoor gardening or say "well-draining" on them.

You can also get a bag of perlite and add some extra to improve drainage, too.

Water your plant after your repot it.

6. Your plant needs light!

Place it as close as you can to the window you've chosen for your plant. The more light it receives, the more it will grow.

7. Check in with your plant on a regular basis, feeling its leaves and checking the soil.

This will help you decide when it needs to be watered again.

If you're not super confident if it needs water yet, wait a day or two more.

8. Explore ways to make your plant care and check-ins a part of your routine!

Make it fun, playful, & creative!

Bond with your plant!

Name it, give it a story, decorate its home, and make caring for it a special part of your own self-care routine!

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