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6 Lessons I Use From Teaching To Help Me Make Social Media Content That Does Well

I have two college degrees that taught me about teaching people things. I no longer work in the room where you teach the children the things. I now sit at home and teach people who teach people on social media how they can better teach people on social media.

If you are someone who hosts community and/or shares information on social media, here are six offers I have for you based on my experience and training as a person who teaches people things:

  1. Repetition – I don’t mean like “rote memorization.” That’s boring. I mean that you have to introduce and review a concept multiple times for people to recognize that it is information they can absorb, retain, and implement for themselves. And not everyone is seeing the same content at the same time on social media. Repeat yourself for the benefit of you as the content creator AND your audience members as learners.

  2. Simplify the content – Don’t like writing long captions? Make them short, just include the main point you want people to get. Don’t like making graphics? Tweet the text out and screenshot it. People aren’t paying that close of attention on social media, so don’t overextend yourself preparing materials. Conserve your energy.

  3. Simplify / streamline your processes (make it easy for you to be sick) – You want to make it straightforward for you to be able to take time off.

  4. Diversify – People retain information in different ways. People learn in different ways. Mix up the way you deliver content (to the extent that you can without overdoing it or going beyond your capacities). This also helps you reuse ideas so you’re not constantly reinventing the wheel / struggling to come up with something to share on social media. Take a previous post and reshare the same information in a different format.

  5. Make it clear in multiple spots what the key takeaway / CTA is – Again, people aren’t paying that close of attention on social media. And people need to see something multiple times for it to register that they might want to do something with that information.

  6. Take breaks – You need breaks from social media just as much as your audience needs breaks from you. That’s not an insult – you’re not doing ANYTHING wrong. People need a breather, a beat to come down off of the experience of engaging with you and your content. Too much of something can overload people’s systems. You taking a break is not just beneficial for your mental health, but it also helps reset and reinvigorate the relationship between you and your audience members.

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