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Hi there! 

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Hi there!

Hi there! 

My name is Kendall (she/her). I’m so so happy that you found your way here! 


I used to teach high school science and social studies. I also got my masters in special education to have more training + strategies to better support my students with ADHD, emotional behavioral disorders, and autism .

Fast forward several years, I left teaching to rebuild my mental health and start my own creative career online through content and entrepreneurship. I quickly was NOT vibing with the traditional online business + content strategies I kept seeing. They were way too fast-paced, perfectionistic, + unrealistic.

So long story short, now I help low-energy, neurodivergent, chronically and mentally ill entrepreneurs make your own process of sharing content and running a business something that’s flexible and sustainable for YOUR unique energy levels, needs, and abilities. I’m so thankful to be here, working with you!

It is my mission to help as many tired, overwhelmed folks as I can figure out how to share ideas and art for the long haul because I truly believe the more that people like you are able to create and grow - the kinder, gentler, and better our world will be! 

This is a space for anyone who creates content, runs a business (or hopes to one day!), and/or is dealing with loud perfectionism. And if you are neurodivergent, live with mental or chronic illness, are disabled, or otherwise identify as low energy, I hope you’ll especially feel seen by the stuff you find here!!

where would you like to go?

I'm ready for content creation to feel easier!

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I need my business to feel less overwhelming!!

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I want perfectionism to stop yelling at me!!

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